Sunday, December 15, 2013

Experimental Art Quilts

One of the fun things about closing down the Friends Fabric Art web shop is that Mom and I have decided to keep some of the supplies for ourselves. I kept some of the Stef Francis Experimental Packs and Creative Kits. (We still have a few left at half off.)

I took the kits apart and had fun starting new art quilts with the fabrics and threads. I've been on a roll lately with starting lots of new artwork. I've not been so good at finishing up the pieces. I have a bunch of pieces on our design wall that just need to be mounted somehow...

This spirally one uses Stef Francis hand-dyed silk noil in the background. One of the Stef Francis creative kits suggests layering sheer fabrics and then doing cut-work so I wanted to play with that idea. I layered gold lace and a sheer shiny fabric over the silk noil, machine stitched spirals, and then cut away some of the lace and sheer fabric. I've started to hand stitch on it and I'm stitching over some bits of sequin fabric.

Below is another new piece with layers. The background is from a quilt that Mom started. It has a piece of blue and red silk that I dyed when I was first learning to dye. The shiny red fabric is from one of the Stef Francis packs. I never use red so this is a stretch for me. 

(Unfortunately I had trouble photographing this one because of the red shiny sheer fabric.)
It's fun to not know what the plan is for these pieces. I have no idea what they will look like exactly when I'm done with them. I'm thinking beads will be involved somehow. I sorted a ton of my beads last weekend so I may as well use them now they are nicely organized.

Maybe I'll do some more supplies organizing today since I don't really need to start any more pieces. It's holiday open studios here at Western Avenue Studios, but since we had a big snow storm last night, it's pretty quiet in the building.

Happy Holidays!

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