Sunday, September 29, 2013


I decided recently that it would be fun to do some watercolor painting again. I've done small postcards or note cards occasionally. I'd forgotten that you really should stretch your paper on a board if you want to paint anything larger than a postcard so your paper doesn't ripple. I found some illustration board I can use, but I've also done a few postcard size pieces. The small size is good for practicing and experimenting.
I've been playing with designs based on tree branches. After my first attempt at actually painting the branches to look more like branches, I decided I was more interested in the patterns the branches made.

A bunch of my latest art quilts focus on photographs with distinctive tree branches in them, too. These are two art quilts with photos of trees in the Boston Public Garden in winter.

The finished one on the right will be in the Loading Dock Gallery for the month of October 2013. The other little piece still needs to be mounted.

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