Sunday, May 05, 2013

InkAid Again

Ink Jet Print Over Hand Made Paper with Embedded Flower Petals
I wanted to experiment with sending papers with somewhat chunky stuff embedded on them through the Ink Jet printer. I had gotten an InkAid Sample Set a while ago. You can read about what it is in my previous post or on the Ink Aid website. The sample set came with an adhesive which I used for sticking things to paper from lace to abaca wrap. After sticking the items to paper, I coated the paper with an InkAid Ink Jet precoat. I didn't print on the papers with chunky stuff stuck on them right away because I didn't want to break our good printer. When I sent papyrus paper through it last year, it was quite nerve-wracking because it made such a horrible noise that I thought I was going to break the printer. The papers sat around in a cabinet for over a year until a few weekends ago when I finally hooked up an old printer.

I am pleased to report that I did not break the printer and only one experiment did not make it through the printer successfully. Ironically though our "good" printer decided to die anyway printing on ordinary printer paper before I'd even put the old one away again.

The one failed experiment was the Spider Web Abaca on Hand Made Paper. The Spider Web Abaca was just too stiff. It got stuck in the printer when it got to the abaca and wouldn't got any further through the printer so at least it didn't jam the printer.
Spider Web Abaca on Hand Made Paper
The plain abaca paper is less stiff and thinner so it went through the printer just fine. The image that I printed on it was a computer edited image of artwork that I created in a Jane Dunnewold class at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium.
Abaca Paper
Print Over Abaca Paper
I had a random bit of an old table runner that I had glued down to paper. I didn't really think about composition ahead of time so it took a while to figure out what image to print on the paper. I ended up printing a photo of Lowell mill ruins being reflected in a canal on it. It's almost hard to see the table runner on the paper now.

Piece of an Old Table Runner
Print Over Piece of an Old Table Runner
 I also didn't think about the composition when I glued down some hand dyed lace to paper. I didn't center the lace on the paper, but I ended up printing a pretty symmetrical image on it. The image is a computer edited version of the same image that was printed over abaca paper and the hand made paper with petals embedded in it. (Both are pictured above.) The first time I printed on the lace, I wasn't too excited by the results. I decided to print on it a second time with a slightly different version of the first print. It came out pretty wild, but I rather like it.

Hand Dyed Lace

Two Ink Jets Print Over Hand Dyed Lace

I framed some of my first InkAid experiments and a few became art quilts. I currently plan to frame the ones pictured here and make art cards with some of my other InkAid experiments.

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