Saturday, March 02, 2013

Wabi Sabi Artwork

"Patina" - Hardware on the Gould Barn in Topsfield, MA
I figured I'd write a quick blog about the "Wabi Sabi" art exhibit Mom and I just had at the Topsfield library since I haven't written a blog post in ages, but nothing is ever quick. First I had to figure out why blogger was rotating my photos. If you've had this issue and need to fix it, this blog post is helpful:

Since Mom and I chose the "Wabi Sabi" theme for our exhibit, we've learned that we are "on trend" with our theme. Even the Home Depot had a blog post about wabi sabi decorating. I also learned about a cool children's book called "Wabi Sabi" written by Mark Reibstein and illustrated by Ed Young. There is a Wabi Sabi blog which has some stunning photos: 

Mom is doing a talk about our Wabi Sabi artwork at the New England Quilt Museum this Thursday, March 7 at 12:30pm. She'd be happy to have you come. The details are here:

"Weeping Willow" - Boston Public Garden
This photo of a weeping willow was taken in the Boston Public Garden on one of my lunch breaks. I thought the patterning of the bark on the tree was very wabi sabi.
"Weathered" - Glacier Bay, AK
This one has a photo I took on a cruise ship as it went through Glacier Bay in Alaska. Both of these two pieces have hand stitching on them which is hard to see in these photos.

"Mystique 1 & 2" - Ipswich River by Sonja (right and left), "Stories in the Details" - Capen Parson House (top middle) and "Wizened" - Pine Grove Cemetary by Ann Lee (bottom middle), All Artworks Using Photos Taken in Topsfield, MA
Mom and I also did some pieces with photos that we took on a drive around Topsfield, Massachusetts. These are a few of them.

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