Saturday, July 07, 2012

No Mistakes Only Opportunities

I started an Art Development Plan as I talked about in my last post which was a while ago. The plan has my goals for my art and it breaks those goals down into some steps. I realized that I need to break down the steps further or they will be too big to handle to start with. I think I also need to put some things on the calendar so I remember them like going to the studio twice a month to start with and eventually once a week not including open studio days.

Mom and I celebrated the 4th of July being creative at the studio. We each kept running into some set backs, but we had fun anyway. I have finally got a smart phone so I figured it would be fun to make a little pouch for it. My husband has the same phone so if I made a funky pouch to keep it in, he'd be less likely to take my phone by accident or vice versa.

I started with a scrap of fabrics that Mom had sewn together for making pieced insets for one of her jackets.

This is the part that I cut out for a pouch, but I goofed on measuring. I forgot to account for the thickness of the phone so I added another strip of fabric along one edge.
I had done some decorative stitching on the original patchwork of fabrics. I added the extra strip of fabric and ironed it, but it turned out that the kimono fabric was synthetic and it melted leaving two holes. I had used a backing fabric because the fabric pieces that Mom sewed together weren't sewn together with the grains lined up. The fabrics stretched some. It turned out to be a good thing because the backing fabric showed through the hole in the kimono fabric.
I decided to make the hole look like I intended for it to be there by cutting the holes into leaf shapes. I also added more stitching to tie in the extra strip of fabric and sew down the edges of the holes.
I trimmed the pieced fabrics to make a rectangle again since the edges had gotten wobbly. I folded down the top edges and sewed them. Lastly I sewed the side seams. I'm not sure how many times I used the seam ripper, but the pouch turned out well in the end.

Even with all the seam ripping, I still had fun so I decided to make one for Mom, too. I started with pieces of fabrics that she had sewn together for jacket insets again. I fixed my measurements this time so I didn't have to add an extra strip of fabric along the edge.  (10.5" x 3.75" for a Samsung Prevail phone)

This time I used the zig-zag stitch on the machine to couch down some purple ribbon and Stef Francis 5400 rayon thread.

Of course I had to goof up one more time sewing this pouch, too. I forgot what size seam allowances I had planned in my measurements. I sewed the edges at a half inch seam allowance the first time, but the pouch was too tight to get the phone into the pouch. I took the stitches out and sewed them with only presser foot width seam allowances. That worked just fine although I could have made the seam allowance a little wider. Mom's pouch is more roomy than mine. My pouch fits pretty snug around the phone, but it works.
You would think I would have learned to allow extra space for fabric shrinkage and the width of an object, but I went on to try to make a camera pouch. It turned into another cell phone pouch as well because I messed up my measurements again. I must learn to stick to a specific seam allowance width in my measurements and allow extra space so the pouches won't be too tight.

Today is open studios and it's sort of quiet  here so maybe I'll attempt a camera pouch again. Everyone must be at the beach.

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MOM said...

I love my little phone pouch. I love the way the light shines through it when the phone rings. So cool.