Sunday, April 08, 2012

Ink Aid Ink Jet Printing Obsession Continued...

I had so much fun with InkAid that I thought I'd share a few more of my experiments with it. If you are unfamiliar with InkAid you can check out my last post about it or go to the product website. Below is a print on thin copper shim hinged on printer paper. The image is a digitally edited photograph of a silk painting that I did based on stained glass cathedral window designs.

Metal Shim Temporarily Attached to Printer Paper
Here you can see how I used tape to hinge the copper shim onto printer paper to be able to get the copper through the printer. After printing I peeled the copper off of the paper carefully.
Hinging Metal Shim on Printer Paper
Here I have some handmade paper with Glitterati film (also known as Angelina film) glued to it with the InkAid adhesive. The paper with shimmery film on it was then painted with InkAid.

Glitterati Film Glued Down to Handmade Paper
The handmade paper was then printed with a digital image created from two flower pattern images merged together. I only put one coat of InkAid on the paper & film so the printing over the Glitterti film got a bit streaky. I also could have cleaned the Glitterati film better first before painting it with InkAid.
Printing on Glitterati Film and Handmade Paper
Here's a detail:
Detail of Printing on Glitterati Film and Handmade Paper 
Another fun thing I tried was using a Thermofax silk screen to stencil the Opaque InkAid on a dark paper.
Opaque InkAid Screen Printed on Dark Paper
The dark paper was then hinged on regular printer paper and I printed a detail photo of a truck sculpture that was in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden quite a while ago. I think it was a sculpture by Wim Delvoye. I was going to remove the dark paper from the backing paper, but I sort of like the combination of the dark ambiguous image against the lighter more detailed image on the backing paper.
Opaque InkAid Screen Printed on Dark Paper Hinged on Printer Paper
I've got so many cool papers that I've printed on now so I'm working on using them to create finished artwork. This is a piece I started using two pieces of copper that I printed on, some fabric that I printed the same iris images on that I printed on the copper, and a gorgeous blue piece of silk. I've done some machine stitching and hand stitching on this since I took this photo. It's got basting stitches in it now so it wouldn't photograph well at the stage it's in. I'll post a photo on Facebook or a blog post  here of it when it's done.
Irises - Printing on Metal Shim & Fabrics

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