Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sadi Thread Experiments

After playing with Shisha mirrors, I moved on to Sadi thread. It seems funny to me to call it a thread because it's really more like thin metal wire coiled into tubes. Sadi comes primarily in silver and gold, but it is also available in some color mixes like red and green. For these experiments I used three different types of gold Sadi.

The following little sample uses the gold check. I referred to the Rajmahal Sadi thread pamphlet that has sewing suggestions. For this sample I loosely followed their instructions for a bullion rose. I thought the gold was too bright on the purple background so I ended up stitching over the Sadi some and putting french knots in the center of the bullions.

For the next sample I used the broad smooth Sadi and a needle felted sample. I couched the Sadi down around the pink fibers and then cut up some small pieces of Sadi to sew down like beads.
I had the most fun with my last Sadi sample because I played with stretching the Sadi and putting a blue ribbon-like thread through the center of the Sadi. I then couched this down. I enjoyed seeing what the Sadi looked like when it was stretched and breaking up the shininess of the Sadi with the blue thread in the center of it.
For this sample I used another needle felted sample for the background and couched the Sadi on it in a spiral. I did do part of this on the commuter train which I would not recommend. You have to stretch the Sadi very carefully because it can't be reshaped once it is stretched. I didn't stretch the Sadi uniformly. You would have to be very careful if you wanted to stretch it evenly.

I have at least four Sadi thread sampler kits left from a previous workshop. If you are interested in getting one, please e-mail me: I also still have some Shisha kits so I could send you both. I'll post in the comments if I run out of kits.

Kit contents: Three types of gold Sadi thread, embroidery floss selection, felt for a small sample piece, Sadi sewing instructions

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