Saturday, July 09, 2011

"Moment of Pure Seeing" Art Exhibit

My art exhibit with Linda Branch Dunn is coming up soon at the Loading Dock Gallery! There's lots still to do to finish off artwork and get it ready to hang. I figured out a cool way to display my Sheila Hick's inspired sculptural "leaves" - made by weaving threads, ribbons, and other materials over a structure of thin branches held in shape with wire. This is the one that I have photographed for the exhibit postcard. I've been thinking of them as leaves, but then a co-worker said it reminded him of a kayak. This leaf or kayak is displayed in front of a scrunched silk woven fabric placed over a handmade paper. The piece is then put in a shadow box.

I also started to play with Coco Husk that comes in 4 to 5 inch little squares. I've cut them into leaf/almond shapes and started to stitch on them with hand-dyed embroidery threads. If I do a bunch of them that go well together, I have a tiny little shadow box that I'll put some of them in for the art exhibit.
 I only have these two so far.

If you can't make it to the art exhibit reception/party on Friday, August 5 from 6 to 9pm, I'll be gallery sitting the next day (Saturday, August 6 11am-4pm) and would be happy to have visitors! It is also an open studios day at Western Avenue Studios so you can visit Mom upstairs in the Friends Fabric Art studio as well.

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