Saturday, May 07, 2011

Musings on Motivation (or lack of it...)

It's been ages since I've posted, but I just haven't had the motivation to do anything art-related in quite some time. I think I've figured out that my art creating motivation has a season-related cycle. Winter is just a low energy, low creativity time. This spring it seems like the spring-like weather has been slow in coming so my creativity level has remained sluggish. I decided to do some spring studio cleaning in hopes that clearing out my masses of art supplies would help to clear my head as well as my studio and make me want to do art again. It appeared to be working, but then I managed to get a sinus infection which wiped me out for about three weeks energy-wise. When I was starting to feel better again, my fingers started to itch to play with art materials. This is the funky leaf I made with branches, wire, Angelina fibers, yarn, and some tubular knitted wire. 

 I've made several of these now. They were inspired by and exhibit of Sheila Hicks' artwork that was at the Addison Gallery in Andover, MA. The tubular knitted wire was stuffed with yarn wrapped with sparkly Angelina fibers. I haven't decided if it's done yet.

The project I was working on before I totally ran out of steam for a while is an art quilt that uses photographs of the Boston Public Garden. I printed the photos on ink jet printable fabric, stitched the pieces into the composition you see here, painted on it some, and now I'm hand-stitching it.

 Most of the hand-stitching I'm doing on the commuter rail on the way to work and back. For a while I didn't even felt like stitching. It didn't help that I kept getting caught up in the novel I was reading. I was going to take Julia Cameron's advice that she gave in "The Artist's Way" and take a break from reading. She asserts that if you take a break from reading, you can get a lot of creative things done. It's pretty hard to make myself stop reading. It didn't help that when I got the idea to try to not read so much, I was reading "Wives and Daughters" which is a rather long book. I may have to try it again yet.

I have a huge motivator for me coming up... a deadline. Deadlines always seem to be great motivators for me creatively and otherwise. Maybe that's why Project Runway has been so successful since it gives the designers such crazy deadlines. My deadline is late July. I am having a joint art exhibit, "Moment of Pure Seeing," with Linda Branch Dunn at the Loading Dock Gallery July 27 to August 28. Please put the show opening reception for Friday, August 5 from 6 to 9 pm on your calendar, if you can come!

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