Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leslie Riley's Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) Continued

Mom and I have ventured into the world of Facebook for Friends Fabric Art so please check us out there for on-going snippets on what we are up to, artwork photos, and what not. My latest project was to make wearable art pins on greeting cards and free-lace art greeting cards. You can see all of them in the Facebook gallery. I did do some more Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) testing, but I just never got around to writing about it until now.

I had printed this photo of a sculpture that was in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden onto TAP and transferred it onto white cotton fabric.
Initially the transfer looked just like the photo, but then Mom and I decided to wash it in the washing machine to see how well that worked. It was just washed in a normal cycle with no special treatment. This distressed the transfer quite a bit as you can see.
After washing this, I checked out Leslie Riley's website instructions and discovered that she suggests waiting 2 to 3 days after transferring an image before washing it. This transfer was washed the day after transferring it so maybe it would have washed better if we'd waited another day or two before washing it. It also says to put it in a mesh bag and wash on a cold, delicate cycle. I still need to try that. I did try washing a few other fabric transfers by hand and that worked just fine. There was no change in how the images looked and the fabric did soften up some.

I also tried using the TAP to transfer photos to brass metal shim. This is the photo is another view of the same sculpture. (I really should have written down who did the sculpture and what it was called. I don't even think I took a picture of the whole sculpture - just these details.)

As you can see here, I wasn't completely successful transferring the image to the brass shim. I did do my best to follow the directions such as taping the transfer in place with masking tape and peeling the backing paper off while the transfer was still hot.
This is just one of about three samples that I tried so I haven't tried everything. None of the transfers were flawless transfers. I'll have to try it again sometime to try to figure out what went wrong. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Maybe the iron was too hot for metal transfers? I did try ironing just a little since the instructions say that transfers on metal happen more quickly. It seemed like the ink/polymer was beading up. If I manage to figure something out, I'll report back again.

Happy Art Experimenting and Happy Holidays!

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