Friday, June 04, 2010


I've been working on a new stitching project that uses inkjet printable canvas that I got from Inkaid. I printed some images on the canvas of the Alaskan mountains that I took on a cruise. I cut the images in strips and for this art quilt one of the images is turned upside down. I prepared three small art quilts to stitch with the images. The first one I tried machine stitching on because I didn't expect the canvas to hand-stitch easily. I didn't like the way the machine stitched canvas made sort of puffy areas though so I tried hand-stitching the canvas with the second art quilt. Hand-stitching the canvas works fine as long as you don't try to go through two layers of canvas. I'm stitching through two layers of canvas where the two pieces of canvas overlap and it's like drilling. Here's a detail image.
Here's the piece I was stitching on previously. I'm trying to decide if it needs more stitching to be done. It's from the same piece of fabric that I used to create "Flood."

Here's a detail:Ole update: We still don't know what's up with my dog, Ole. He goes in to the vet again on Tuesday to be sedated for an x-ray of his belly and to check out his funny lip bump because he was too wiggly to have the x-ray this week without sedation. He's still acting mostly normal though as you can see him being silly here with Nick. He's rather fur-less because we let him get too matted and he had to be shaved.

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