Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drawing, Embroidery, and Books

I am amazed to discover that I have a reality tv show to thank for getting me back into figure drawing. I started watching "Work of Art" out of curiosity. (It's like Project Runway for artists.) The artists were chosen for the show based on their self-portraits. It got me thinking that I haven't done a self-portrait since college and I haven't done much other figure drawing either. It is a skill that needs practice and a great way to strengthen drawing skills in general. It is also rather exciting to be able to capture a likeness of the person that you are drawing.

In college figure drawing class we copied illustrations of the skeleton and muscle structure so I thought I'd starting doing that again for practice. My figure drawing book for artists ("Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist" by Stephen Rogers Peck) happened to be at the studio, so I found a couple of anatomy books for artists on-line at Google Books. "Anatomy for Artists" by John Marshal & J.S. Cuthbert has some good illustrations, but also a lot of text that I don't think I would ever attempt to read. "Anatomy for the Use of Artists" is much shorter so it doesn't have a lot of illustrations, but it has some good basic ones. I'm not likely to share my drawings here because I'm quite rusty so they are rather embarrassingly not that good (and then again who really needs to see a badly done skeleton drawing).

I have been rather addicted to downloading old books from the Google Books and since getting a Nook e-reader. I've found some great old embroidery books on the Gutenburg site. The first one I found just by browsing book titles and it is the one I like best so far. It is the Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont. It covers many types of embroidery as well as knitting and crochet.

For those with e-readers - I was actually able to get the illustrations with readable text size onto the Nook with the ePUB with images file format version. The anatomy for artists books I downloaded in PDF format. I can see the images that way but the text is tiny and I can't seem to do anything about it.

Ole update 2: we haven't learned a whole lot other than he seems to be getting back to normal. He may have some pre-cancerous cells in his lip, but it wasn't definite and if they are pre-cancerous then they aren't a life-threatening type of cancer. We are scheduling an ultrasound for him to do some more checks. I was quite surprised to learn that dogs can get ultrasounds and all sorts of other specialist medicine treatments. Go figure...

Arty photos next time.

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