Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ultra-Light Lutradur

Things have been a bit crazy lately to be very arty. My doggie, Ole (who you may have met if you've visited Friends Fabric Art) is sick and we don't know what's up with him yet. He's on antibiotics so hopefully that will work and he'll start feeling better soon.

I did get to participate in another C&T publishing Creative Troupe Call-Out for artwork somewhat recently. The photos are now on the C&T publishing Flickr site. I made four greeting cards using Ultra-Light Lutradur.

Here's the info about how I made the cards:

* Paint Lutradur with InkAid on scrap paper or surface protected with something like a plastic bag and allow InkAid to dry

* Cut Lutradur to about 5x7”

* Tape one narrow edge of a rectangle of Lutradur onto the center of a piece of computer paper making sure the InkAid painted side is facing up

* Choose an 8.5x11” page-size high-contrast computer image and print image on the computer paper with the Lutradur taped to it. (I tried an 8.5x11" image of a mountain first which ended up looking just like a green blob when it was printed on the Lutradur so pick your image carefully or at least be prepared that an image may not print well.)

* Feed paper into printer so that taped side of Lutradur goes in first or you could end up with a printer jam.

* Peel Lutradur off computer paper and throw out tape

Here's the photo of the printed paper with the Lutradur pulled off of part of it leaving behind a lacy image.and a close up of the what was printed under the Lutradur:
* Cut Steam a Seam 2 (SAS2) into a rectangle smaller than the front of the card such as 3x5” if the card is 4x6”

* Peel both backing papers off the SAS2 and place it in the center of the front of the card

* Cut up the printed on Lutradur and the printed on computer paper into small rectangles and use them to create a composition on the SAS2 which is sticky so pieces will stay in place temporarily. If you wish, you can also use pieces of Spider Web Abaca Wrap or other fancy papers to make your collage. The Lutradur pieces can be overlapped.

* When SAS2 has been covered with the printed on Lutradur and papers, place pressing sheet on top and iron with steam. If the card curls up, iron again from the backside.

This card has the foil and the Spider Web Abaca. The lightest lacy sunflower image sections are the pieces of Lutradur.

1. Add sparkle with foil:
* Place foil, colorful side up, on top of the collage, cover with pressing cloth and iron with iron on low setting without steam
* Peel off foil
* Rub out any areas that got more sparkly than you like
* Repeat process if not enough sparkle
2. Add sparkle with Glitz Spritz (which I got at The Thread Studio)
* On top of scrap paper or an otherwise protected surface, place scrap papers over card to only expose certain areas of the card such as creating a vertical stripe area over part of the collage
* Shake up Glitz Spritz and then spritz exposed area of the collage with Glitz Spritz
* Remove scrap papers and allow spray to dry

You can see some of my other Call-Out creations in the Creative Troupe Flickr albums. The blank book that I painted is the thumbnail photo for Call-Out #3 on the main Creative Troupe Flickr albums page. I had lots of fun playing with various acrylic mediums painting the blank book.

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