Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Tea, Swords and Stitches"

We've had a kimono exhibit name change. It's now officially called "Tea, Swords and Stitches - Contemporary Interpretation of Traditional Japanese Arts" and is described as featuring "Displays of Classic Japanese Kimonos, Swords, Embroidery, Netsuke, and Soari Weaving." The events for the exhibit have been updated on the Brush Gallery website:

Our kimono is nearing completion. Mom has been stitching away on it. I haven't touched my sewing machine in what seems like ages so I'm nervous that I'd be rusty and mess it up. Luckily Mom is happy to do the sewing. It is coming out quite beautiful. It's like we envisioned, but also different and you can definitely tell it's a kimono now. Too exciting!

Back Side:
Front Side:

Now we have to decide for sure on what title to give it and I'm going to work on writing up an artist's statement.