Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day-sort of...

It's not actually snowing yet, but it's on it's way and so my work decided to let us go at noon and since I have a rather long commute, I decided to take personal time for the beginning of the work day.

I'd like to say "thank you" to Michelle of the MainStreetMagpie blog for "following" my blog! It's so nice to know I'm not totally just sending this out into the oblivion, but then it's fun to write whether anyone reads it or not. For a smile, check out Michelle's Grumpy Potato photo:

The kimono project is moving right along. It's nice to have a non-day-job work project to focus on lately. I work for the state as a policy analyst. It's not exactly art-related. It's also been a sad place for me lately because we had lay offs two weeks ago now. I am grateful to still have a job, but it's not easy to see the empty desks. Maybe that's why there appear to be plans to move around where we sit and whatnot. So at any rate, the kimono making is a great diversion.

This photo shows the backside fabric piece next to the plan for the backside. The fabric color is off slightly.

Here's a detail showing some of the pieces to be "collaged" onto the back fabric. The two transparent pieces are ExtravOrganza. The one piece has feathers that were scanned and then printed onto the ExtraOrganza since the song mentions feathers. The other piece has words from the song we are using as inspiration for the kimono. Yes, we were good and got permission from the artist to use the song words. Actually I think it was Antje Duvekot's agent or something who sent the e-mail giving the ok.
Here's Mom's "Harvest Moon" that was stitched using the free lace technique with water-soluble Mokuba stabilizer.
And all the kimono fabric pieces laid out together:I should go get working on the kimono, but I have some exhibit details to share first. Please check out Cindy Hughes blog where she is also talking about the kimono that she is making: Cindy is the co-curator with Glenn Szegedy of the ART OF THE KIMONO: Timeless Form/Contemporary Vision

For the exhibit there will be a tea ceremony performed by Kaji Aso Studios on May 15th at 2:00

There is also a demonstration in the works for Iaido, traditional Japanese swordsmanship. More details to come.

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