Monday, February 01, 2010

Kimono Studio Night

Mom and I had a studio night tonight. I was able to finish our design pattern. Here is the front view of the kimono design pattern (or what you can make out of it):

Mom had the idea to use some Mokuba water-soluble stabilizer to create some lace-like pieces for overlays. It would be similar to what I did for the artwork I discussed in my Marvelous Mokuba blog post. It's an exciting idea so it will be interesting to see how the idea develops when it is put into practice.

We have both been stitching away on the images printed on fabric. This is an ocean photo that Mom stitched. You can't see the cutting lines on this image to see what shape the image will be. If you go back to the backside design plan in the last post, this image is the one along the bottom sort of left-hand-side.Here's a detail of the stitching. Mom used some silvery threads. The silvery threads look white here though.And here is one of the images that I stitched. This is Sebago Lake in Maine.
With the magic of Photoshop, you can see approximately what the fabric image will look like once it's cut. This image is for the backside of the right sleeve. I didn't get a good detail image of this one as I was taking photos rather quickly and then it was rather dark in the studio, too. I don't have a fancy photo set up and so I normally tend to rely a good deal on natural light (or when money allows - a professional photographer).

Moving right along.

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