Monday, January 18, 2010

Kimono Beginnings

Mom and I have started in earnest to make our kimono for the Brush exhibit, ART OF THE KIMONO: Timeless Form/Contemporary Vision curated and organized by Cynthia Hughes and Glenn Szegedy. We actually started planning some time ago, but the work progress was cut short by my web shop fiasco which had to be fixed properly before I could focus properly on anything else. Here's a planning collage/drawing that we used as a starting place.
Mom is working on the construction of the base of kimono that we will collage images printed onto cotton poplin and other fabrics onto. The base kimono is being made out of Judy Robertson's gorgeous fabrics. Here's one of them.Below is Mom working with the stunning fabric. We are so happy to have found a project that we get to use a lot of Judy's fabrics for. We've managed to accumulate a hoard of them over several Quilt/Surface Design Symposium vending trips.While Mom has been working on piecing the kimono, I've been working on a cartoon of the design-work. This is the cartoon at the beginning of the weekend before we switched over to a nicer pattern material that Mom has.
The photos that are taped up are photos that I have taken in my travels around the country since the design was inspired by a song called "Long Way" by Antje Duvekot that talks about travels through the United States and the awe at nature. You can hear the song on Antje Duvekot's My Space page: or you can listen and read the lyrics on her web page's new album page. (Click on the "Long Way" text for lyrics)

I have more photos, but it's dinner time. Ravioli - yum!

PS. I forgot to mention ---we have about two months to make this kimono! No more procrastinating.

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