Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mom's Fashion Show

Mom's fashion show was fabulous! There was an actual runway this time - just like Project Runway! I've updated our web galleries with links to the latest fashion show photos.

Unfortunately I decided to play with my camera settings during the show so some of the photos that I took during the show are pretty lousy. At least you can still get the idea. Here's the link to the photos I took during the show:

For really awesome photos go to the ones that Anne Ruthmann took of the models before the show:
This photo shows some of the Western Avenue Studios artist models in Ann Lee designed jackets - of course: Nancy, Laurie, Ann, Arlette, Heather, Laura, & Andrea (left to right)
Here's Pat modeling "A Bit of Bling" that she worked with Mom on. Pat did all the elegant beading on the jacket and she made matching jewelry!
I'm rather tickled because not only is our lovely new web shop up and running, but I've also updated Mom's gallery and my gallery on our website. We've got some stunning new photographs of our artwork done by Western Avenue Studios photographer - Daniel Coury.

I've got a story about my latest piece of stitching. I hope it isn't too long a story. I picked up this piece of silk that I had deconstructed screen-printed on several years ago as a new piece to stitch on. (I was bored again with what I had already for stitching projects.) Here's the piece:and the story:

One time when I was in college at Saint Olaf College in Minnesota, the Red River flooded so I went with a bus load of other students on a day trip to Fargo, North Dakota to help sandbag by the flooded river.

I couldn't help feeling afterward that it was all rather pointless because the sandbagging wasn't helping to save people, it was helping to save ordinary middle class houses that were already flooded on the first floor.

Reading Ellis Paul's (a singer/songwriter's) blog about a song on his new album changed my mind. The song, "Hurricane Angel", is about a guy who is misplaced from his home by Hurricane Katrina. I realized that sandbagging may have helped to save a house in the literal sense, but that is only the face-value. It was more about saving a way of life, a home, and a community. The guy in the song is representative of so many real people displaced by Katrina. The guy not only loses a home, but his whole way of life and any control he had over his life. He struggles for hope. A life without hope is about as bleak as it gets.

After reading Ellis Paul's blog post and pondering it for a while, I looked down at the piece of artwork that I had been stitching on just a little while before reading the blog and I realized that the artwork looked just like I'd imagine flooded farm fields would look like from above. I figured I'd name the piece "Flood."

By the by, you can download the title track song, "The Day Everything Changed," free if you go to the main page for Ellis Paul and follow the instructions there: I think the whole album is fabulous, but then I'm already an Ellis Paul fan. Nick and I have been to the New Year's Eve Ellis Paul show at Club Passim twice. The last time we went there was a snowstorm and we still made it to the concert. (We did take the train though as opposed to attempting to drive.)

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Rayna said...

Hi Sonja! I was just looking at your blog last night -- sending your mom and you both big hugs and wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead.