Friday, October 16, 2009


I’ve joined C & T Publishing’s Creative Troupe to help create samples for them with their products. I’ve been having fun with new Lutradur products: lightweight black and ultra-lightweight white Lutradur. I haven’t played with regular weight Lutradur much before, but I’ve read about other artists who use it.
I have played with Tyvek so I thought the Lutradur would be comparable. I was a bit surprised to find out that the Lutradur didn’t shrink and distress as much as Tyvek with a heat gun. I can get Tyvek to be quite dimensional with a heat gun, but the Lutradur only curled up towards the heat of the heat gun a little bit by comparison. The flower of this necklace is Tyvek with a freshwater pearl center.
I’ve gotten wary about melting things so I wore my respirator while zapping the Lutradur with a heat gun. I’m still afraid that I might not have the right type of respirator so I don’t think I’ll be doing much Lutradur or Tyvek melting. Some say there isn’t any harm in heating Tyvek and Lutradur, but I haven’t exactly seen any test results and MDS sheets are hard to figure out. The hard part is that Tyvek does such cool things when you heat it that makes it tempting to play with the heat gun and an iron with it. So use your own discretion about whether you want to try melting Lutradur or Tyvek.

Below is one piece of the ultra-lightweight Lutradur that I started. It was stitched with metallic blue thread and then zapped with a heat gun. It will probably end up in my stash of random test pieces that could be used some day in a piece of artwork. I may have to clean out my random test bits collection soon though since it’s getting out of control or maybe I just need to organize them into nice little IKEA organizer containers…Who knows when that would happen!
I’ve found a new solution to avoiding future web shop fiascos. It's a new webcart software that is fully supported so I’ll have help if I ever run into problems upgrading again! Open source software is wonderful, but sometimes you just want the instant help and not have to do all the troubleshooting yourself. Keep watch for our new improved web shop!

“Artists give you something you didn’t know you were missing.”
~ Daniel Pink A Whole New Mind

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