Friday, September 11, 2009

Uff da!

Uff da about explains how I've been feeling about our web shop lately. You may have noticed our message in red on our website main page about our web shop not working properly or the web shop site being "Down for Maintenance." This was the result of my attempt to update the web shop software and goofing it up big time so "Uff da!"

I hope to get the web shop up and running properly soon, but please bare with my PHP and MySQL ignorance for the time-being. I bought myself a lovely over 500 page book for future learning so this won't happen again if I can help it. (Web Shop is up and running again as of Sept. 13, but please let me or Mom (Ann) know if you run into anything not working right.)

Before I messed up the web shop, I added a nifty article that I just finished up to our website that I hope will be helpful to anyone experiencing artist block: Artful Mindfulness It's a diversion from some of the straight technique articles I've written. Western Avenue Studio's artist Glenn Szegedy was incredibly helpful with helping me figure out how to go about writing it. You should see his artwork: I especially love his Butterflies and Koi silk paintings: This is an image from the doing the exercise in "Artful Mindfulness:"

I also updated our Thermofax Silk-Screen Printing article recently. It has photos and more info than before.

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