Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stitching Travel Tips

My how time flies. I'll be off and flying to Philadelphia again myself this weekend. Nick and I have another wedding to go to. His brother got married in San Diego in July. People seem to keep telling me that I'm at that age when you have a lot of weddings to go to.
Perhaps this time I'll actually do some stitching on the plane. I've discovered that if I keep my threads cut to a nice length I don't even need to worry about not being able to have scissors on the plane although nail clippers work pretty well. With most embroidery threads you can open the skein up and then snip one end for a perfect length. I read that tip somewhere. I thought it was a Rajmahal threads flier, but who knows since it was some time ago.

I have a travel stitching mesh bag that I bring with me almost daily in case I feel like stitching on the train to and from work. I have a set of DMC ziplock baggies connected by metal rings for my thread assortment. It makes it easy to flip through my threads, but then it isn't really possible to bring all the threads I have with me so I have to try to remember to pick out the threads that I want for a project ahead of time.
It would help if I could keep only one project at a time in my travel bag, but at the moment I have three - no wait that's four. I got bored with the first two so I had to start another one and then of course I had an idea for a new project which was more interesting. I can't quite commit to not-finishing the first three projects and I can't figure out what to do with them so they've been sitting in my bag for months now. I've thought about breaking out the beads to use on them, but I never remember when I'm at home and could take a look at my bead stash.

Here's project #1 - started several years ago as a color study during a Laura Cater-Woods workshop on a quilting cruise to Alaska:
and #2 - an experiment with gesso ala Maggie Grey's "Textile Translations" book:
and #3 - leaf gelatin prints on felt printed who knows when, at least a few years ago:
#4 is based on photos taken from the train of the Concord River in winter. I think I'll leave #s 1 through 3 home now and focus on the Concord River piece since that one seems to interest me most at the moment.

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yarnahoy said...

Love the interpretation of the Concord river!