Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lowell Waterways

Thanks so much for the comments! I plan to put the new pattern up on the web for the iPod Pouch one of these days. Who knows where it ended up in the studio moving process?!

It's official - my Lowell Waterways art quilt is getting a new home. It's going to a conference room of the new Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union headquarters building in Lowell! I'm quite tickled. It is so fitting that it has found a permanent home in Lowell since it is made up of photographs of Lowell canals and rivers.

I've been experimenting with Ink Jet Shrink Film and colored wire. My experiment evolved from yet another cool on-line class project from Maggie Grey. I made this funky, little box:

The white of the shrink film is a bit glaring, but since I didn't know how the experiment would work out, I didn't bother to color the back-side of the shrink film. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to color shrink film after it has shrunk. Here's another view:
The image that I printed on the Ink Jet Shrink Film is a photo of a sculpture that was in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. If I make a similar do-dad I'll try to remember to take step-by-step photos to share.

I kind of want to get a cheap toaster oven for shrinking shrink film, but all the reviews on-line for the cheap ones warned about problems with them catching fire. Maybe I just need to be extra careful with it... I'll stick with my craft heat gun for now.

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Aussie Jo said...

I love your box, i think the stark white sets off the dark outside well. I'll have to find where I can buy some shrinky plastic!