Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Space

I've been moving my art stuff from my condo into a new studio space at Western Avenue Studios the last few weekends. I have a lot of stuff! I don't know where it has all come from. I have been trying to organize it all for a while now, but never really made much of a dent. Having a new space to organize it in should help as well as the new shelves and containers from IKEA.
The new space is three doors down from the Friends Fabric Art space so I can easily run back and forth between the two spaces.

I haven't gotten much artsy stuff done lately, but I did do this watercolor based on a William Morris pattern on the Victoria & Albert website. I did it to fit in a travel coffee mug designed to hold photos.

I also finished a fancy, new pattern of iPod Pouch to use. I may still have to add a tassel or beads dangling at the bottom.


Sue B said...

love that Ipod pouch!

michelle said...

Congratulations on your new digs! I hope i can check it out sometime. The ipod pouch is beautiful!