Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My doesn't time fly once again. I had such good intentions of putting up a nice felted pin project for the holidays and it's still not ready... Ah me. Must let go. I'm still playing with Maggie Grey's projects and techniques for her Textile Translations book. I was having fun decorating my Moleskine calendar and sketchbooks one day. My calendar one has my usual swirl in the usual blue color. Here's a sketchbook that I had all ready started the inside with a water theme so it needed an appropriate cover.
We have also been doing an altered book project for Maggie Grey's workshop. Below is one page. I may add more to it. I almost totally freaked the first time I saw someone rip pages out of a book. It was an old art history textbook that the person was using the pages of to decorate the walls of a dorm lounge area. It wasn't even what I would call a boring book! This book was of no use to anyone anymore and donated to the cause of art by my friend Catherine. Altering books is fun once you get over the initial shock of cutting book pages (assuming this would bother you in the first place).

Before I sign off, I wanted to remember to say...if you have checked out my iPod Pouches project available at the Fibre & Stitch Free Projects section of their website and you have an iPod that is not the same Shuffle that I have, let me know what your iPod measurements are (including the size for the controls with their distance from the edges and the same for the screen if your has one) and I'd be happy to make a pattern for you.
I started to get patterns ready for other size iPods, but I wasn't able to get all the measurements that I need just from what is available on the web. You'll have to give me a week or two to do the pattern just in case life gets in the way of doing it right away. Please e-mail the measurements and type of iPod.

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