Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Textile Translations"

I got Maggie Grey's new book "Textile Translations" for myself and then decided to get it from D4Daisy Books Limited along with Maggie Grey's "Embellish and Stitch" and Julia Caprara's "Exploring Color" for Friends Fabric Art. They are all wonderfully inspirational books! I read straight through "Textile Translations" and "Exploring Color" as well as studied the fabulous full page photos of artwork thoroughly. I have yet to read through "Embellish and Stitch" aside from a brief skim and some artwork photos perusing.

The extra special thing about "Textile Translations" is that Maggie Grey is doing a free on-line workshop for people who get the book. I've signed up for the the Yahoo workshop group and started Lesson One which became available on November 1. Below is what I have so far. It is going to be a vessel of sorts.

It didn't come out exactly like it was supposed to, but I didn't have all the right supplies yet. I'm definitely having fun though! So if you are a fan of Maggie Grey, this book is a must have! Join the on-line workshop, too. It's not too late. The second lesson won't go up until December so there is plenty of time to get the book and play with new techniques with us!

Here's a detail shot below. I scanned it and couldn't seem to capture the colors right, but you can get the idea. I did some spraying of color on it and it was only by some miracle that I didn't spray the bright, white scarf Mom was needle-felting into nearby. She moved further away from me after that. I'm a bit too reckless with messy stuff. There were always people in my art classes who could do drawings with charcoal or paintings with acrylic or something and never get themselves messy. I never could understand how they did it. I'd be walking across campus later with charcoal smudges on my face. Anyway, the next time I tried the spraying technique, I set up a cardboard barrier around my project.

I've been hoping to put a little needle-felting project here for a while now, but I just can't seem to get around to taking the photos necessary to complete the idea. Oh well. It will happen eventually.

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