Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pod Pouches & VNA Quilt

My iPod Pouches are on the Fibre & Stitch Free Projects page! This one is the first one I made for my iPod Shuffle. It is getting pretty worn out now. I can't even remember when I made it. I put my iPod in it and wear it like a necklace on the train and subway to work. I think it's pretty snazzy.I had trouble with my iPod getting unclipped from my jacket or shirt with getting squished into a subway car with lots of other people. Somehow this led to the development of the pod pouch (as I call it when I'm being less specific than iPod pouch). The material on this one is thin enough that I could operate the controls for the on/off switch without having to pop the iPod out of the pouch.

Since this one has been used so much and is made out of doupioni silk, I had to go in and do a bit of repair work by reinforcing the fabric by fusing on a second layer of fabric on the inside. It's now a bit stiff, but it still works great.

Another project that Mom and I have finished lately is a panel of the "Healing Pieces" quilt for the Lowell Visiting Nurses Association's 100th birthday. We worked together on one out of five panels of the quilt based on a Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass window. The other panels were made by teams of two members each of the Lowell Fiber Studio. The quilt progresses from nighttime to daytime. Mom and I worked on the sunset/sunrise panel.
Last Thursday we went to a reception for the quilt's hanging. A fantastic flower arrangement was made to completement the quilt. I love the way the flowers chosen mimic the night to day colors in the quilt.
This is the panel that Mom and I worked on. The photos of houses are actual Lowell houses that Sharon and Gwen, members of the Lowell Fiber Studio, photographed and then the photos were printed on fabric.
Coming soon...instructions & photos to easily create your own needle felted and embroidered pins.

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