Monday, September 29, 2008

"Ann Lee's Walking Wearables"

You have to check out the video of Mom's jacket fashion show at! It's so much fun! Anna said that we'll get a copy of it. She had to compress to file so don't expect video quality isn't like Netflicks or something. I love Anna's title for the video, "Ann Lee's Walking Wearables."

I sent out my article for the next Fibre & Stitch issue last night. This one's about experimenting with needle-felting. I was looking through my pictures folder last night and realized that I'd totally forgotten about one of my first forays into incorporating needle-felting into my artwork. I used needle-felting for attaching the holographic Angelina fibers to a piece of black velvet that I had put lighter spots on with a bleach pen. Here is a detail that sort of shows the holographic Angelina fibers. They aren't easy to photograph.

The whole piece is sort of like a view of space at night. Again the combination of black velvet and holographic Angelina is not the easiest surface to photograph. Maybe someday I'll fork over the money for professional photography...
The article for Fibre & Stitch talks about needle-felting Angelina so you'll have to check that out for more details.

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