Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pret-a-Porter = ready to wear

I had to look up "pret-a-porter" in the on-line dictionary this morning when I got to work. Nancye Tuttle (who writes for the Lowell Sun newspaper) stopped by Western Avenue Studios the other day and checked out our just hung exhibit "Fluid Blue - Fabric Art." I guess she liked it because here we are in the Lowell Sun:

Friends Fabric returns with prêt-à-porter - The Lowell Sun
By Nancye Tuttle LOWELL -- Newbury Street North isn't the usual description you'd hear for the Loading Dock Gallery at Western Avenue Studios. That may change when Fluid Blue -- Fabric Art opens this week. View Full Story

She included a nice big picture of one of Ann's linen damask jackets:

Oh, the other good news lately is that my husband, Nick, got a great full-time teaching job at a charter school in Lawrence! It's way cool! We had to indulge in mojitos at Cobblestones that night with my mom and dad to celebrate. Oddly enough his first day at work is our first anniversary. Go figure...

Here's another taste of the tailoring and an illustration of the range of design for Mom's jackets that will be in the exhibit and modeled at the fashion show at our opening reception. (This isn't one of my best photographs.)

Here's one of my pieces that is in the exhibit. The photo also isn't that great. It is also taken before the piece was finished. It has a lot of hand stitching that you can't really see except in person. I hope to post photos of the artwork from the exhibit on-line which should include better quality photos.
For more exhibit details visit:

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