Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dirty, Smelly, Noisy, Silly…

Mom and I have both been working on art for an upcoming exhibit called “Dirty, Smelly, Noisy.” There is even a website! Opening date is June 6th so we have to get busy getting the art finished. Mom (Ann) is focusing on the “Noisy” and I’m focusing on the “Dirty.” She is re-envisioning her violin made out of papers and mixed media for the Scrolls exhibit that we participated in last summer.

I am playing with trash—mostly plastic bottles, plastic baggies, and other things I can’t easily recycle at my condo. Yes, I cleaned them so they aren’t really dirty. My first idea for artwork for the exhibit was a relatively tame idea, but now I’ve gone a bit silly. Just imagine what on earth I could be doing with silvery lamé leggings and fishnet tights along with my plastic trash!

Aside from that I have started to write an article for the on-line mixed-media zine - Fibre & Stitch. Mom and I are co-writing it. The article will be in issue 5, I believe. Not the next issue, but the one after that. It’s all about needle-felting your art. I’m tempted to make it a two-part article with the first one having the basics and the second one going into the more unusual materials and techniques for needle-felting. I’m having fun making the samples for the photographs, but I won’t be sharing them here – at least not until the zine issue is out – so you’ll just have to wait.

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MargaretR said...

I look forward to your articles in F&S!