Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stitching Train Commute

I've been busy cleaning and organizing our condo while adjusting to married life. There hasn't been a lot of time for artsy stuff, but Mom and I try to hang out at the studio one night a week to be creative and chat. Mom's been busy making gorgeous pieced jackets.

I haven't been very focused on any particular project except for my never-ending embroidery piece. It started out by playing with a William Morris pattern on the computer and printing it onto Damask linen fabric from an old tablecloth soaked in Bubble Jet Set (a special soak that makes printer inks permanent on fabric). I put batting and a backing piece of fabric behind the linen and started doing embroidery with Stef Francis hand-dyed threads, some silk ribbon that I dyed, and some reflective thread. I keep thinking that maybe I'll do a little bit more stitching and then I'll be done, but I keep stitching. It will have to been done relatively soon as I will run out of areas that haven't all ready been stitched unless of course I start layering the stitches.... It has been a very soothing project to work on while riding the train home from Boston. Occasionally I feel a bit weird doing artsy stitching on the train, but no one seems to pay much attention to each other so I don't seem to be drawing any confused stares anyway. I've figured out little nifty tricks to make stitching on a train easier like loosely tying the extra threads that I am using around my wrist so I don't have to keep putting them away and taking them out again.

I started working a new job this summer in addition to sharing my artistic passions with my mom at Friends Fabric Art. I am working in Boston (hence the train rides) for the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance & Policy as a Policy Analyst. I'm sure you can tell from the title that it isn't directly art-related, but it is interesting and my co-workers are very nice. I had fun decorating my cubicle with all my artsy stuff. I keep having visions of hanging more artwork all over the halls and cubicles to brighten things up more.

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