Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fabric Friendly Wedding and Alaska Honeymoon

I'm finally writing here again. So much has happened, but I can't possibly write it all down because then I'd have to turn writer and write a biography. Here are some pictures from the wedding and honeymoon anyway. You can see my dress here that Mom made for me and Mom to the right of me made her dress, too. Nick's parents Bob and Karen are on the left of Nick and I. My parents, Ann and Jim are on the right.

Here is a pic to show how gorgeous the bridesmaids' dresses came out! Yup, Mom made all of them, too. I only did the decorative thread-work stitching on the waistbands.

Who's who, left to right: My brother-Peter, Nick's friend-Matt, Nick's brothers' Ryan and Kris, Nick, me, my high school friend-Jenn, my college friends-Sarah, Kellie, Molly.

Here's a pic of Kellie being silly with bouquets. You can see the waistband stitching here, too. On to the honeymoon. I had to take this picture for the great shop name, the Wandering Wardrobe, a fun artsy clothing store we ran across in our long walk through Skagway, Alaska. We walked to the edge of town to get to the Gold Rush Cemetery and then to Reid Waterfall. The waterfall was goreous, but of course, I forgot to check my camera batteries before we left so I couldn't take pictures because the batteries were burnt out.
Each day on the cruise our room steward made us a new towel origami animal. The elephant was too cute so here he is:
And just for a taste of the tons of photos that I took of all the splendid scenery in Alaska, below is a mountains and glacier photo.
Ah, and you must have a look at the happy couple on honeymoon. We are in Glacier Bay on the cruise ship by glacier that we stopped in front of for a few hours. I neglected to pay attention to the name of the glacier.
That's all for now. I wanted to write something at least since it has been so long, so very long... Perhaps I can get back to something more "textilian" next time.


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