Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three-Dimensional Fabric

I've been thinking about writing about Paverpol for a bit now. It is a new thing that we got because of a request for Friends Fabric Art. The book: "Creative Recycling in Embroidery" by Val Holmes discusses using Paverpol to create fabric vessels.

So what is this Paverpol? It thickens or stiffens fabric and makes it water-resistant. Unless you are going to apply it to fabric thinly with a brush or water it down, it will give the fabric a slick look as if it has been varnished. So far I have only created two flowers with my bits of left over duppioni. I am working on putting together a more complete set of instructions for how to make these fabric flowers. On the Paverpol USA website they give directions for making a figurine. (

The first flower I made was about as simple as you can get with only four petal shapes cut out of duppioni, dipped in Paverpol and draped over a plastic covered bowl with a pipe cleaner as a stem. I meant to finish it up by covering the pipe cleaner with green fabric for a stem and adding a beaded center to the flower, but so far it doesn't look much different than the picture here that shows how I formed it over the bowl.
My next flower attempt was a bit more sophisticated as I graduated to five petals. I also used Paverpol thinned a bit with water for the petals so that they weren't quite so static and plastic-like.I also got so far as to cover the stem and add a leaf to this one. I still haven't gotten around to making the flower center more interesting with beads or fibers. That would be why the picture doesn't bother to show the center of the flower.

Paverpol has a newer product, Paverplast, that allows you to make watertight vessels and figurines for garden ornaments, but so far my experiments with it have come out lousy and definitely not photograph-worthy. I was trying to convert grams into American measurements and got myself totally confused. You have to mix in the proportion of 100gms of Paverplast to one Liter of Paverpol to make a mixture that will create a watertight vessel or object when it is applied. If you add more Paverplast, then the mixture is more of a sculpting putty. I should have simply used the scale to measure out a smaller number of grams. Ah well. Next time I'll be more careful. (Click here to see Paverpol products available from Friends Fabric Art.)

I haven't had much of a chance to try anything new since Mom is away on a cruise with Dad in Alaska. That leaves me to check in all these cool new books that we got from Thames and Hudson which will be showing up on the web shop shortly. All of them have stunning photos. The one that I got for myself at Barnes and Noble with a gift certificate is "The Art of Embroidery."
Last night I was at Rising Star Quilters' Guild to vend for Friends Fabric Art which was awesome because Amy Ropple was giving a talk. It was great to see slides of her art quilts and hear about textiles and beads from Turkey. Aside from vending and checking in books, I've been working on installing a Fedex shipping module on our web shop so customers can get more accurate shipping estimates. The downside is that I am going to have to start weighing everything that is available in the web shop because Fedex needs that information to give a shipping estimate. So much for an easy answer!

My, I have chattered away. Enjoy the sunshine!

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made in lowell said...

I bought a postal scale that goes up to ten pounds. I got it at the Post Office, I think it was $30 or $40 and they don't charge tax. I got it after the PO weighed my packages innacurately! Anyway I love it :)