Monday, April 16, 2007


Today ever since I got a call from Nick this afternoon to listen to the radio, I've been in shock. I'm sure you were, too, when you heard about the Virginia Tech. tragedy. Until this year, my brother, Peter was going to Virginia Tech. and he still has friends there. I am thankful that his friends are all safe, but some people's friends and family are not. In this feeling of helplessness I turned to one of my favorite contemporary folk musician's songs about life: Catie Curtis's "People Look Around" from her newest album, "Long Night Moon." (Song co-written with Mark Erelli, another awesome musician>) Although this song is about Katrina's effect on New Orleans, the feelings Catie Curtis gives voice to in the song are the same as I feel now.
Here's the link to her music video for the song:

To leave you on a more artful note. I am posting a photo I took this summer of Shelburne Falls.
I am going to go stitch some more and listen to more of my favorite music! Next time I'll be sure to post something light and fluffy!

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