Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quilt Play

Much is happening. I've been meaning to post for a while now, but I kept having trouble with logging in to the blog on this computer. I finally tried Mozilla instead of Explorer and low and behold, I was able to log in just fine without messing with my browsers options menu.

My mom and dad have moved out of the house that I lived in for a long time. Today they sign the final papers! It was so weird seeing the house empty. Mom and Dad are happy to be done packing and cleaning for a while. They are staying at a Residence Inn for a month or so while their condo is being finished up.

Here are two small quilts that I have been working on. The right hand one is finished and I stitched it to a piece of matte board to be able to frame it. The left hand one has been hand-stitched instead of machine stitched. I am thinking of adding beads to it, too.
To make the fabric for these quilts, I followed a shibori (Japanese for tie-dye ) technique in a less traditional way. I folded up a fat quarter of Kona cotton and stitched through the layers with big running stitches. I pulled the threads as tight as I could which wrinkled up the fabric. This was a bit tricky because I had sewn through a bunch of fabric layers.

I then painted the fabric with Dharma Instant Set (pigment dyes). These dyes are more of a paint than a real dye so they capture a lot of texture of the folded and bound fabric. (I had a picture of what this looked like, but I can't find it. It must be on my home computer.) After the dye had set and dried out, I started to play with Stewart Gill sparkly paints.

The fabric came out looking a bit like a topography of hills and rivers. I used the paints to accent the "hills." I played with a nifty trick that I learned from Rebecca Gill's book about Stewart Gill products, "The Painted Surface." It you apply the paint thickly and aim a heat gun at it while the paint is still wet, it will bubble up to create an encrusted look. This worked really slick with the gorgeous shimmery, interference paints (Alchemy) and the glittery Galactica paints. You can see a bit of what it looks like in this detail, but it is nothing like seeing the paints in person.

Oh, and I HAVE to share the cool shoes that I found in a shop in Mystic, Connecticut for the wedding. Mystic is really close to Nick's parents' house. Wow, the shop has a website: Peppergrass & Tulip. I spend too much time on the web. Can you tell?!

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