Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shiva Sticks and Lowell Quilts

Today I have been playing with Shiva Paintsticks on one of our new rubbing plates. My new favorite is a plate based on Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night" from the Masterpiece Art Rubbing Trays I decided that one of our scarves wasn't as interesting and beautiful as it could be.

The rubbing "trays" are bigger than other rubbing "plates" that are available so you can cover a larger surface area faster. I used masking tape to give myself some shapes to fill in with the rubbing plates patterning.In two corners, I rubbed the Shiva Painsticks over the rubbing plate twice. Once with the iridescent blue and once with the iridescent green. The rubbing plate was shifted slightly in between the two color applications to vary the patterning a bit.

The center area of the scarf was masked off into a wonky square and filled in by rubbing the iridescent green over the rubbing plate once more. The finished scarf once heat set (with an iron after waiting 24 hours) will be quite stunning with the subtle shimmer from the iridescent paintsticks.
One thing I forgot about as I often do when I start making art projects is: Shiva Paintsticks are messy! Gloves are necessary if you don't want to turn into a "Smurf" or other colorful critter.
Luckily most of the pigment will come off with regular soap and water, but if I wanted completely clean hands, I'd have to find some paint thinner or other less smelly solvent that will thin oil based paints. The stuff also tends to get under your fingernails which isn't exactly easy to clean up. So... Remember those gloves!

The New England Quilt Museum has issued a challenge for quilters to create Lowell inspired quilts. Mom (Ann) and I have each been working on one. Mom's is inspired by the immigrant population of Lowell. The quilt contains fabrics from countries that Lowell citizens are from. It is also inspired by the brick patterns used in buildings around Lowell. All of the pieces have been cut to the size of actual bricks.

Here's a good pic with Jacque helping Mom work on her quilt.
My quilt is inspired by the canalways and rivers throughout Lowell. It uses lots of photos printed on fabric that I then painted on with a bit of shimmery paint because water shimmers! It has been pieced now in a slightly different composition than the picture, but I haven't taken any new photos of it yet. Mom and I are both hoping to finish in time for the March deadline which is coming up fast.
Hope you are having lots of creative fun!

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made in lowell said...

That canal quilt is the coolest! I can't wait to see the finished piece in person.