Friday, January 19, 2007

Art Quilts & Dresses

It's been a while since I've written. The holidays sort of suck up a lot of time. Much has happened. I finished my little art quilt that I started with screen-printed fabric. It's changed a little bit with the stitching, but Mom's quilt has changed more dramatically.
Here's Mom's little art quilt. Some of the patterning has been painted out with purple to put more emphasis on the leaf patterning. She added chicken-stitching in the purple areas and beading and stitches on the leaves.
Mom and I made some big decisions today. We confirmed our decision to make my bridesmaids' dresses by getting fabric. We went shopping in Marian Bressel's garadge aka Fabritique We had a ball picking out fabrics. The dresses will all be unique with different jewel tones of Dupioni silk. The picture below gives a general idea of what they'll look like. The dresses are simple shift dresses cut on the bias.

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