Friday, November 17, 2006

Times they are a'changing...

In the last few weeks my parents decided to buy a condo in the Boott Mills in Lowell, sell their house in Lowell, and sell the house in Maine on Sebago Lake. And I thought things were going to start to settle down. Oops-oh well. Below is the view from Mom and Dad's new condo's windows. The condo won't be finished until late spring. The other picture is the gorgeous staircase at the Boott Mills that they are tearing out! Part of where the staircase is will be someone's bedroom. I suppose it must not have been cost effective or fit into the architect's plans to save the staircase.

Mom has worked hard to get Friends Fabric Art moved in to our new location at Western Avenue Studios. I managed to set up most of the shop area before the November First Saturdays Open Studio. The rest of the space was quite a mess. Now we actually have a shop area AND usable studio and workshop space. Here are Nick (my fiance) and Ole lounging in the shop area.

Mom and I went to the Revolving Museum this morning. The exhibit, "Race, Class, Gender does not equal Character," they have up now is incredible. I especially enjoyed "900 Skinny Girls" by Linda St. John. It's all these little dolls made out of pipe cleaners and bits of fabric. I love her attention to detail. There is a doll in overalls. Dolls with little dogs, raincoats, a poodle skirt... You can see a picture at the links below.

The exhibit also has some embroideries from the Amazwi Abesifazane Project that completely took your breath away between the imagery and the story behind them. The artworks are "memory cloths" of women who lived during the South African apartheid. You can learn more about them and see some of them at the website below, but if you get a chance to, go see them in person. There is a list of their exhibits in addition to the Revolving Museum exhibit on their webpage.

Amazwi Abesifazane Project:

900 Skinny Girls:

Revolving Museum:

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