Thursday, November 30, 2006


Here are a few more Carter Smith shibori photos for fun. The two cropped images are from the coat photo. It's pretty cool how Carter can get the blue to sit next to the yellow orange without getting brown in between. I don't think he thickens his dyes to get this effect. I didn't ask him how he did it. It's my last day working for him. The drive to Nahant is too tiring and too long.

It will be nice to spend more time at Friends Fabric Art and with my mom again for a while.

On another note, Mom and I got a pattern and fabric to make my wedding dress. It is a simple pattern, but we will play with it to add detail to the bodice. The fabric we got is a slightly creamy dupioni.

The dress will me most like the middle picture from the Kwik Sew pattern with the scoop neck and not the long train.

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Rayna said...

Hi Sonja. I am enjoying reading your blog and keeping up with family and biz stuff. Exciting about the move for Friends and can't wait to see your new space. It'll have to wait till June, tho.
Just as exciting that your parents are going to be bohemians living in loft country. I am GREEN! Life is an adventure, isn't it?
Hugs to you, mom, and Nick.