Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Peter, Paul, & Mary!!!

I think I'm having too much fun with this blog thing. I keep thinking of pictures I could post or what I could write about. My latest picture involves the building of Carter's new house. His last house burnt down. Actually I wouldn't be working for him if it didn't, as it resulted in his previous studio assistant leaving the job.

There are these weird metal structures in the house foundation area that I can see out the studio's office area window. They look like they would be fun to turn into wild sculptures by paper-macheing over or draping with fabric. Carter finally noticed that they were used to transfer the support boards for the concrete pouring of the foundation walls. Anyway here's the pic:

The more exciting news is that my parents, Nick, and I went to a Peter, Paul, & Mary concert and got to meet Mary Travers after the concert. Carter is friends with Mary. They met at a birthday party or something. She's really cool. She even stood next to me and put her hand on my shoulder a couple times. Nick asked me if I was ever going to wash my shirt again since Mary Travers touched it. I mostly stood there and smiled, but I actually said something to contribute to the general conversation that didn't sound totally silly. I'm glad I didn't stop breathing and fall over. My dad was in heaven.

The Lynn Auditorium backstage area wasn't that exciting to see. It looked a bit like a school or prison. Some of the performers rooms looked like cells. Mary's backstage room was a bit bigger and slightly brighter. She wore a gorgeous blue coat created by Carter during the first half of the concert. During the second half, she wore another one of Carter's coats.

I feel like I should have a sign off phrase...it's tempting to say: "And that's the news from Lake Wobegon," but I suppose that wouldn't fit and how many people are familiar with Garrison Keiller anyway.


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